Fastener portion introduction

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Lead-in Chamfer- the lead-in chamfer is the unthreaded beveled edge on the
bottom of the nut. It aids in assembly.
Point- point (thread end) is a conical or cylindrical configuration at the end of
the fastener.
Shank-the shank is the unthreaded portion of a fastener that lies between the
head and the thread.
Fillet-the fillet is the radiused junction where the head joins the shank.
Head-the head is an enlarged shape on one end of the fastener, it supports the
tensile load applied to the fastener and often contains a wrenching feature for the installation tool.
Thread run-out - Thread run out is where the threads meet the shank.
Lead threads- Lead threads are the incomplete or tapered threads at the tip,
lead threads aid in assembly.
Bearing face - the nut bearing face is the load-carrying surface that seats, against the parts is fastening.

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